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The Introduction to Feminisms Taping Project

At the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) one of the most popular courses, year after year, is the Introduction to Feminisms course taught by Professor Bettina Aptheker. In late 2003 a project was begun to record the course over an entire academic quarter and to make inexpensive DVD copies of the lectures available to high schools, junior colleges, universities, libraries, and individuals.

We are pleased to announce that the DVD sets are now available at the UCSC Bay Tree Bookstore, which has them available for online purchase.

We want to thank the many people who have made this project possible with their financial support, and we welcome additional donations to help keep us moving forward with this exciting venture.  If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact us.

Here is a six-minute clip of Dr. Aptheker giving her definition of feminism:

High bandwidth version (choose this if you have a fast internet connection, such as DSL or cable)

Low bandwidth version (choose this if you connect to the internet via dialup)

[Please note that these clips are compressed for transfer over the web, and therefore do not show the full image quality of the DVDs.]